Beckett’s Library

Samuel Beckett’s Library

A new book by Dirk Van Hulle and Mark Nixon
Interior of Samuel Beckett’s study in Paris. Photograph: John Minihan

From Superfluities Redux:

Time, space, and money being finite quantities in this world, the books that a person chooses to surround oneself with become a fascinating glimpse into the life of that mind. Far more than the everyday biographical details of a life (what one ate, whom one slept with), a person’s library is an indication of what concerns continue to possess him through time.

Readers will have a new glimpse into Samuel Beckett’s mind with the publication of Samuel Beckett’s Library by Dirk Van Hulle and Mark Nixon, due to be released by Cambridge University Press in May. Van Hulle and Nixon conducted a census of the 750 books in Beckett’s collection, noting marginalia and other manuscript material.

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