Nachricht von der irischen Botschaft in Berlin

Dear Friends,

We are in the process of re-vamping our monthly newsletter – Das Irische Monatsbuch. We hope that the updated layout will be an improvement and enable our readers to inform themselves of upcoming events in Germany more easily.

I would ask you to please have a look at the list below, which is currently published in the Monatsbuch. If your organisation is already included, please check that the website address is correct and send us any necessary corrections. If your organisation is not included on the list, and you would like it to be, please send me the details [Region : Name of Organisation : Website] as a response to this email. Please send this information on to me before the 20th of November. I cannot guarantee that an organisation will be included on the list for the next edition of the Monatsbuch after this date.

Kind regards,
Maeve Killen

Ich weise auf das Irische Monatsbuch hin, weil die Beckett-Gesellschaft in Kassel dort ebenfalls verzeichnet ist.

Wer an der Liste der Freunde Irlands bzw. anderer Institutionen interessiert ist, kann diese anfordern via




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