Ninon Schubert via The Letters of Samuel Beckett
Brilliant! Harold Pinter on Beckett: „He is the most courageous, remorseless writer going, and the more he grinds my nose into the shit, the more I’m grateful to him. He’s not fucking me about, he’s not leading me up any garden, he’s not slipping me a wink, he’s not flogging me a remedy or a path or a revelation or a basin full of breadcrumbs. He’s not selling me anything I want to buy, he doesn’t give a bollock whether I buy or not—he hasn’t got his hand over his heart. Well, I’ll buy his goods hook, line, and sinker, because he leaves no stone unturned and no maggot lonely. He brings forth a body of beauty; his work is beautiful.“

Harold Pinter Remembers Samuel Beckett
Well, we’d all certainly like to imagine we’ll one day meet our heroes over far too much tobacco, alcohol, and onion soup at 4 o’clock in the morning. But for master of biting words of brilliance Harold Pinter, his first meeting with Samuel Beckett was an ideal encounter. While his play The Caretake…

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