Riding with Beckett

A while back I was browsing automotive websites, as is occasionally my wont, and I came across an online ad for a well-maintained 1963 Citroen 2CV, a car I’ve always admired for its quirkiness and personality and simplicity of design. A normal car of that type and vintage–it must have been 40 years old at the time, with 80K+ kms. on the clock–would have fetched little more than pocket change, regardless of its condition. But this was no normal car. It had belonged, said the online tout, to “the Irish author Samuel Beckett, who wrote Waiting for God.” (Well, close enough.) Beckett died in ’89, following his wife Suzanne by a few months. They were childless; the car was their sole survivor. And there it was, online; hence the startling starting price of several (five, I think) thousand euros. And it sold, too, within days, to an anonymous buyer, who has remained anonymous.

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