A cyclical mystery

A reader named Mike Moriarty has e-mailed with an intriguing question aboutWaiting for Godot. It arose when he was watching an “American TV programme”, during which a character pronounced the name in the play’s title as “Gu-doh”. Whereupon Mike, a maths and science teacher, had a Eureka moment, albeit involving Irish.

Could it be, he wondered, that Beckett was deliberately using a corruption of “go deo”? In which case, the play’s implied title would be “Waiting forever”, an apt summary of a plot in which, as a critic famously said, nothing happens twice. “I have since tried the theory on several people more knowledgeable than I and it was news to them,” suggests Mike, adding, “It would give me great satisfaction, as a scientist, to be right.”

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Wir danken nochmals Friedhlem Rathjen für den Hinweis.

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