The Endlessness of Ending: Samuel Beckett and the Mind

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Samuel Beckett’s work across the genres has always shown a keen interest in both the topography and the function of the mind. The experience of interiority in Beckett is complex and it is often on the brink of its own collapse. Beckett undertook a comprehensive self-education of the mind, primarily from the disciplines of philosophy and psychoanalysis, to understand this interiority which he would render poetically. If Beckett is interested in a physics and even a geometry of the psychic space, the recurrent image of the skullscape—from The Trilogy and Endgame to Worstward Ho—is also replete with the minimal and yet necessary possibilities of thinking.

Confirmed Keynote Speakers

Laura Salisbury (University of Exeter) Dirk Van Hulle (University of Antwerp) and Daniel Katz (University of Warwick)

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